I am married to an amazing man with a beautiful daughter Arihanna Cailin, both mean the world to me and one of the reasons why I have chosen and decided to pursuit online affiliate marketing and personal blogging, to be able to have financial freedom and live a lifestyle we desire is a dream.

Prior to being a mum, I had a FIFO lifestyle, my husband and I both worked away in the mining industry. We love travelling we would travel every chance we had, it was our passion to create memories of everywhere we’ve been together. We’ve always dreamed of living abroad, now with this venture we will be able to make our dreams come true.

soon after our return home from months holiday in Indonesia we found I was pregnant but that never stopped us from travelling, we continued to travel until I gave birth.

I am originally from Thailand I speak both Thai and English, have spent most my life in Australia and can call this place my home.

Soon as our daughter was able to fly, we took her on her first trip to Thailand to visit families and explore the culture, and have decided we would spend more time over there, so this year we threw another change into the mix and swap the city life in Perth for a country life in Thailand, purely for a change of lifestyle and travelling.

My husband continues to work abroad in the mining game, currently in Mali, Africa. It is a challenge for the both of us at times but it is a lifestyle we are familiar with.

I have stepped outside my comfort zone and starting my entrepreneurial dreams, it is a challenge but I want to be able to gain time and freedom to travel with my family.

If you are open minded and ready for your next venture, have guts and goals you can too succeed.