Common Affiliate Marketing Scams to avoid

Affiliate Marking is a legitimate industry, there’s no denying that it is a great way to boost income. Don’t let anyone tell you the whole industry is a scam!

It goes without saying that the internet has brought numerous career opportunities. There are more ways than ever to make money online, meaning that just about anyone can take their income into their own hands. However, when there’s money to be made, there are likely to be some ‘vultures’ as well

However, there definitely are some affiliate marketing scams that we’ve seen people fall prey to. This often happens to newbies and leaves them with a bad taste in their mouths.

I don’t want you to dismiss Affiliate Marketing so please keep reading.

Affiliate Marketing Scams Examples

1. Get Rich Quick Offers

The reason affiliate marketing gets such a bad rap is because of the proliferation of get-rich-quick offers everywhere. Although there are many affiliates you are not going to become a millionaire in overnight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop scammers from implying that you will.

They promise you will make thousands of dollars overnight, or that you can just work 2 hours a day and have $10000 in your bank account at the end of the week.

Don’t fall for it. In reality Legitimate affiliate marketing you’ll need to put in plenty of effort a strategy and you need to implement it well before you make any income.


2. Fake Affiliate Marketing Training

In affiliate programs, marketers make money by promoting products or services created by other (often much larger) companies. Sometimes, scammers will create fake products or services, and promote them under the name of a well-established business.

There will be hundreds of people trying to sell you a course, an e-book, a webinar and various other kinds of information. Do your research before you pick your training program.

Many of these training programs are often nothing more than a rip-off. You don’t actually learn anything useful and you’re out whatever money you spent, as well. At the most, you might get an e-book that is full of fluff and no real, actionable lessons. So make sure do your training with a well-known name

a step-by-step system for newbies that shows you how to build an income from your website.

A clear sign that a product is fake is an abundance of overly-positive reviews. Even the best services will have a few negative comments, so be wary of any that don’t.

3. Pay-To-Join Programs

Real, legitimate affiliate programs are free to join. An authentic affiliate program should be risk-free for affiliates. You should never have to pay a fee to sign up to a program. If you are asked to pay a fee to join, steer clear. It is most likely an illegal multi-level marketing scheme.

Plus, when you buy into a scam like this, it’s likely that you won’t see your money again – or make any additional income. Before signing up for any program, make sure that the company behind it is legitimate. Is there a list of clients on its website, and can you find positive feedback about the program? If not, it may be a sign that you need to look elsewhere.

How to Avoid Internet Affiliate Marketing Scams

If you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer, it’s vital to know what you should watch out for. Three of the most common affiliate scams include

  • Get-rich-quick schemes that offer maximum payout with minimum effort.
  • Affiliate marketing programs that require an initial payment to join.
  • Schemes that use a famous brand’s name to promote fake products or services.

The rule of thumb before signing up for any affiliate program or affiliate training course is to do your due diligence. There are some well-known and reputable programs and courses in the industry (including ours!) but when you’re new, it’s hard to tell.

Follow these tips to make sure you don’t get caught up in an affiliate marketing scam.

  • Ask Google
  • The Company Website
  • Genuine Commission Percentage

The bottom line is, if something is too good to be true, you are better off being suspicious about it. Use your common sense and you have nothing to worry about. There are hundreds of genuine and completely legitimate ways to make money as an affiliate. Be aware of the affiliate marketing scams, but don’t let them keep you up at night!

Have any further questions about how to avoid affiliate marketing scams? Let me know in the comments section below!

Planning a Vacation with few simple steps

One of my favorite things is planning a vacation. Nothing makes me feel better than a well formatted calendar with flight info, accommodation and researched lists of activities available.

It can often be hard to decide where you want to go. After all you can travel anywhere in the entire world. With all your choices, how are you going to decide?

  • Are you more crunched for time or money?
  • Are you traveling alone or with friends or your family?
  • Is your work flexible with when you can leave or do you have a set time frame when you can travel (e.g., a teacher)?
  • Do you want to go somewhere close by where you can drive, or would you have to fly?

Vacations often start off as a wonderful idea and then eventually end up being a nightmare to manage. Often overlooked, a lot of thought and brainstorming goes into perfectly organizing touring plans. The lack of know-how on how to plan a trip often reflects during “unseen hurdles” on a vacation.

It is an adventure you’ve always dreamt of, but haven’t been able to plan and execute properly.

Here are some handy trip planning tips that will keep your prepared for your future vacation.

Pick your destination

It all probably started from either some stunning pics gone viral on social media, the scenic setting of a movie, or an amazing story of friends last trip abroad.

But there are also things to keep in mind before selecting a destination

  • There is no doubt that a travelers mind wishes to beach, mountains, or a forest. However, picking the right destination for the seasons is a key factor for planning a successful trip.
  • Consider the cost factor while picking a destination. For instance some places are more enjoyable in a luxury budget than others. Going to a luxury destination during the low season can result in some good discounts on hotels and flights.
  • Check out the best time to visit all destinations, usually the season to visit beaches and mountains is completely different

Deciding the duration of your trip

If you’re looking to save extra money on travel, consider your destination’s off-season or shoulder season.

Nailing down when exactly they occur isn’t difficult, though, as long as you take into account several factors such as

  • Weather ; summer is always going to be an incredibly busy time for common destinations like, cruises, beaches etc. Also the school is out for summer means families will be traveling a lot during this time.
  • Holidays: if your budget conscious, you’re going to want to keep in mind the holidays when traveling. Depending on the destination, flights and hotels are going to be more expensive if it lands on a major holiday
  • A key aspect of a good trip planner is to correctly estimate the number of days required to visit a destination. A road trip duration would be trip longer whereas, a trip planned with flight tickets could be a little shorter

Book flights, Train, or bus tickets and accommodation

After decision-making is complete, booking tickets for your flight, train or bus transfer well in advance is an important step in learning how to plan your trip to perfection. Since flight and train tickets are subject to availability and prices rise over time, getting the bookings done a few months in advance will help you avoid additional costs on your initial budget

One of the most common misconceptions about traveling is the idea that flying (especially international) has to be expensive.

In fact flying can be one of the most affordable parts of the trip if you know how to leverage the right tools.

  • Only book the cheaper non-refundable flight or train tickets if you are absolutely certain of your vacation plans. Otherwise, it is advisable to book refundable tickets if booking well-in-advance.
  • Flight prices fluctuate a lot, keep track on flight prices by using
  • Use credit cards that give frequent flyer miles and points on every rupee spent on booking flights and hotels to earn great rewards and cash-backs.
  • Finding a good place to stay that doesn’t break the bank sometimes seem impossible, but by being flexible and a bit judicious with your accommodation search, you can find awesome place to stay during your vacation and not break the bank.

Here are some best tools below to help your find some of the best places to stay.

  • Airbnb More than just renting spare bedrooms, you can find some really cool places at a relatively low cost if you are diligent in your search (you can even stay in a freaking castle!).
  • They’ve aggregated accommodations ranging from uber-luxury hotels to small mom-and-pop bed and breakfasts. Also, they’ll kick back a free night in a hotel for frequent users. Awesome.
  • Gives travelers only the best accommodations at the best prices. With over 35,000 hotels in over 170 countries, You’ll have no trouble finding an awesome (yet budget-friendly) option here.

    Planning day activities

It always sounds fascinating and adventurous when touring plans are made on a sudden impulse and gut-feel. However, the downside of going on such trips is that there could be many days when the scheduling can go haywire because of everything being so last-minute.

Here are things to keep in mind and consider while planning day trips and activities.

  • Most of the times, it is better to book activities like water sports, adventure sports, boat-rides, and safari rides at the destination itself to get a better price and some scope for bargaining.
  • In the trip planner, keep only one or two activities in a day if the purpose of the trip is to relax and take it easy during the vacation.
  • At some places, popular tourists activities like skiing, boating, scuba diving etc are closed during off-season. Check the availability of activities before going to the destination.
  • Depending on the budget and time-at-disposal, getting a rough idea of what activities should be done on what day is a vital ingredient in understanding how to plan a trip perfectly.



Vacations are experiences that change people for the good. With a better understanding of how to plan a trip, travelers can enjoy their journey without any hiccups.

Earning money while traveling

Saving money isn’t the only way you can hold onto cash during your travels. There are actually a variety of ways you can earn money while abroad too.

The ultimate ways to making money online while traveling are :

  • Create multiple income streams so you always have a consistent source of revenue.
  • Start your own business and escape the 9-to-5 for good.
  • Increase your income by thousands of dollars a year through side hustles like freelancing or online Affiliate Marketing.

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DJI Spark

How DJI Spark Drone can create a long-lasting Memories

Name: DJI Spark Drone


Price: USD $399

Owners: DJI

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

DJI Spark Drone,

Not everyone is a drone expert, because not everyone wants to be.

For those of us who want the experience of flying a drone and taking beautiful images and videos without training to be a pro, the DJI Spark mini drone is perfec

No larger than can of soda and likely smaller than that super-sized smartphone you have in your pocket, the DJI Spark is an amazing example of how small drones can get. While it might be tiny, this drone comes fully packed with technology, including obstacle detection, GPS, stabilization and the ability to recognize hand gestures as flying commands.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Smooth image and footage capture
  • Subject tracking
  • Adequate flight safety

The Bad:

  • Basic editor
  • Limited range and speed
  • Short flying time
  • Remote control sold separately

Who is DJI Spark Drone For?

DJI Spark is not trying to be like its powerful siblings such as the Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro

It is designed for the casual user who just wants to snap a few panoramic pics, shoot a short video from above or simply get a feel of drone flying.

In this job, it’s as good as anything else flying today.

You can shoot pro footage with just a tap. By selecting one of four options, the drone will fly in a specific pattern, producing incredible footage that rivals that of professional filmmakers.

Options include Rocket where the drone flies straight up, Drone where it flies backward and upward, Circle where it flies in a circle and Helix where it ascends in a spiral pattern.

In all cases, the camera locks onto an object ensuring it remains the center of attention.

There is also TapFly, which allows you to control the direction of the drone with a tap on your phone screen. You can direct the drone to fly either to the spot you just tapped or keep flying in the direction you have tapped.

Then there is ActiveTrack. This feature comes in handy if you are shooting a moving person or object. The drone can lock onto the profile of the object and follow them from the front or rear or even from a fixed position. Handy for capturing someone run or cycling.

While the video footage suffers because of digital stabilization, still images shot with Spark are quite impressive. This drone can shoot images in JPEG only. Sadly there is no RAW option with the Spark leaving no space to for post-processing.

Dji Spark has several photography modes:

  • Single Shot
  • Burst Shooting: 3 frames
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV bias
  • Interval: 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s

It can also shoot in pano modes, both horizontal and vertical, but at the time I owned it, there was no automatic stitching like Mavic Air has.

I shoot a lot of images and Videos with the Spark and I believe that the quality is outstanding for such a little camera. In daylight images are very sharp with almost no noise if you stay at base ISO.

If you want take long exposure photos then you have to be patient and try multiple times. Most times you will get blurry images because of the gimbals which cannot stabilize the yaw axe, but if there is no wind you may be lucky and get a nice shoot.

My Final Opinion of DJI Spark Drone

At this point, it is important to point out that this is not a camera drone for serious photographers and filmmakers.

As a casual drone, though, it is very powerful. The camera is roughly equal to a good point-and-shoot digital camera and a bit better than the one on an iPhone 7.

It’s perfect for family selfies, backyard shots, and amateur drone hobbyists.

But if you are looking for a drone to capture cinematic 60fps or 120fps footage, try the Mavic Pro or another pro camera drone. The Mavic Pro, for instance, can shoot 4K videos.

If you can live with these cons, DJI Spark is an amazing piece of technology, an advanced quality machine and a fun toy, and I would recommend it anytime. If you are a professional filmmaker, this is a no go.

DJI Spark is invented for those moments when you really need to stop the time, get a camera in the air in less than 5 minutes and simply start shooting.

I myself have used DJI Spark for filming at a family holiday on Murray River and would not fault this for someone who just starting out.

If you decide to buy this drone, click on the image below to see the best offer for DJI Spark on with the latest promo and DISCOUNTS applied.


DJI Spark Drone at a Glance…

  • Dimensions – 143×143×55mm
  • Weight – 0.2 lbs (95 g)
  • Maximum speed – 50kph (31mph) in calm weather conditions
  • Maximum flight time – 16 minutes (calm weather and constant speed of 12.4mph)
  • Maximum hovering time – 15 minutes (calm weather)
  • Positioning systems – GPS, GLONASS and VPS
  • WiFi frequency range – 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz
  • 12MP, 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor


Murray River Houseboat

In April 2019 we went on a trip to Adelide South Australia and boarded a Houseboat at Riverfun Houseboat Renmark for a week of Family holiday.

We traveled from Perth to Adelaide to meet up with Mum & Dad and The Williams. We all traveled from across the country from Sunshine Coast QLD and Melbourne VIC.

Once we arrived in Adelaide we hired cars from the airport and started our road trip for 3 hours to Renmark where we boarded to Solitaire. On arrival the women went grocery shopping and the men went to stock our fridge with Alcohol for the week.

We traveled up the river every day and stopping for lunch and overnight for BBQ dinners. It was such a fantastic holiday and the kids had an awesome time. Although the water was cold I managed to have a little swim in the river, it was pretty refreshing.

Most nights we’d have fire on the river bank, it was fantastic, relaxing to the sounds of water lapping against the sides of the houseboat. It definitely was a great way to reconnect with everyone and enjoy the time together.

I have created a video of this trip to share of how wonderful the landscape and truly is a blessing to be able to cruise the Murray River in a houseboat on one of our best gems.

I was able to take trips and holidays like this is because of my online business I started.

you can also create memories with your loved ones if you take the next step to being your own boss. Get started here

วันเข้าพรรษา (waan kao phansa)

Today is วันเข้าพรรษา (waan kao phansa) which is the Buddhist Lent Period.

17th July is the Start of the Buddhist lent period in Thailand. Our whole family went to the temple to receive blessings and offering needs to the monks
My grandmother created a bucket of essentials for our family offerings to the monks. Bless her..
her reputation for kindness and cooking is well known in our village.

Waan Kao Phansa is a period of three months during the raining season where monks are required to remain in particular place or temple, this year it runs from 17th July to 13 October 2019  (Wan Awk Pansa : วันออกพรรษา)

This tradition originates from old times when Buddha stayed in temples during the rainy season to avoid killing insects or harming any growing plants. It is a period for study, meditation and teaching of new monks. The monks are allowed to go out during the day but they must sleep in the same temple every night during these three months.

Two main important things presented to monks during Khao Pansa are the candles and garments worn by monks, especifically the bathing robe, which is  no difference to any other Buddhist holly day.

Wan Khao Phansa is also the national “No alcohol day”. All venues are prohibited from wholesale or retail distribution and sales of alcohol, except hotels. Even when we have a shop no one at home is allowed to have any alcohol.

The temple we attended is called Wat Ang Toei, there were a large number of attendance Lining up to give offerings and receive blessings, I saw many candles, which in the older days there was only candle light to be used around the temple, and on the entry of the rainy season,   Some believe that as a result of this custom, they become brighter, and smarter – similar to the characteristics of the candlelight. This tradition passed on from generation to generation and it is still present today.

There are also activities to keep the kiddies entertained. That’s where I was most of the time, and for many who are at the temple all day there are plenty of food stalls to keep you going for the day.

There is definitely a lot of religious celebrations here, but they are all worth experiencing because there is always a fun part to it, and not only you’ll enjoy yourselves but you will def feel good.

Here is to good health and happiness


We all have a destination, whether it would be Travel Destination or Destination/goals in life. To reach a destination there is a journey, every journey differs.

For example Travel destination could be a holiday destination, your journey would include

  1. Deciding a destination
  2. Saving Money towards that destination
  3. Making essential plans and booking
  4. reach the destination and enjoy your time there.

Whereas my destination is a goal to reach financial freedom, and the freedom to spend time with my family. So my journey would consist of

  1. making a decision to move abroad and start my entrepreneurial dreams starting a personal blogging page and affiliate Marketing
  2. Obtaining information and learning new skill set and surrounding myself with positive mindset people.
  3. Most importantly support from my family

    but I have to admit I hit several bumps on the road, that didn’t stop me though because I have learned that everything is my choice and the road to achieving my goals is in the grasps of my hands, you will fail but you will pick yourself back up again. From one of my favorite books ”Baumeister says that people who succeed don’t have more willpower than you; they just develop better daily routines and habits, which after a while become automatic and require less thought -less conscious energy.” Scott Page, Barefoot Investor the only money guide you’ll ever need.

So today think about your commitments and have the courage to stick with it through thick and thin regardless of what your journey may be and you’ll reach your destination.

Are You Looking At Making Money Online Whilst Staying At Home?

I have stopped working for the past few years now, ever since I found I was pregnant with our daughter.

We made a move from Perth to a Beach town called Geraldton, Since then I’ve been thinking and looking for ways to make an income from home. I have found there ‘s so many ways of How to make money online for stay at home mums, which I have tried a couple of things and both are working so well.

This really depend on your interests and dedication. For me I found PLUS500 Webtrading, which I was trading Crypto Currencies daily, some days I would make profits of $1000, some days would be $500 and others would be as little as $100. The days that I made minimal profit were the days I didn’t really take notice of prices, whereas compare to the days make high profit, that is when I sat pretty much in front of my computer most of the days. I realized Webtrading can be interesting and fun if you can sit still in front of the computer. Which to be honest Iran most days until my dear daughter starts moving around getting in to things, that’s when I kind of slowly moved away from Webtrading and started looking into Affiliate Marketing.

For me I found that making money online for stay at home mums like myself is not easy as it seems. I did plenty of research on where and whom to get the proper training, and the best business model out there that will not cost me an arm and a leg.

I read many reviews and ended up with 2 possible programs, Wealthy Affiliate and Six Figure Mentor, between the two I chose Wealthy Affiliate (see my review on Wealthy Affiliate here).

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from it is referrals.

When I say “affiliate marketing” I am actually talking about a bunch of things:

  • Finding good products to promote
  • Building websites
  • Conducting market research
  • Search engine optimization (getting your website ranking well in the search engines)
  • Creative ways to promote your products
  • Social networking and “web 2.0” strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Creating or sourcing content for your website or newsletter
  • Getting motivated, staying motivated, and avoiding potential mishaps
  • Earning money by displaying ads on your site (eg, Google AdSense)

and there is plenty more.

Now you see why I have chosen to move forward with Affiliate Marketing.

I signed up with Afiiliate Marketing, and started my training, the training is very overwhelming and creating a website is not easy but wealthy Affiliate walks you through every step of the way, which is a thumbs up.

So to sum up, How to make money online for stay at home mum is not easy and not hard, but I would recommend pick what you love to do and/or your interests but don’t look for something that will make you money quick.


The secret of making these wontons is make it with love.

  • wonton pastry
  • Pork Mince
  • Spring Onions
  • Finely Grated Ginger
  • Pinch of white pepper
  • Quarter of a cup of Chicken stock
  • Table spoon of corn flour
  • 1 Egg
  •  Pinch of saltMix ingredients vigorously then fold to your liking.
    for folding tutorials CLICK HERE

Cooking time is 4-5 minutes in boiling water.
place cooked wontons in a bowl, Add Chili Oil and sprinkle Coriander
voila ……




We gave up our city life in Perth for a simple country life in Thailand to follow our dreams of simple life, financial freedom and most importantly spending time with family and teaching our Arihanna the ways of life in Thailand.

It turns out she quit enjoys her simple life and culture here.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon gardening in the heat even though it was already 4pm in the afternoon and she loves it.

Everyone’s life begins with a blank canvas and at some point in life you may have had blank canvas also (after a job loss, break ups, or family troubles.) as just a baby with no knowledge, passion, careers, hobbies and desires.

But your experience and choices over time will change you to who you are and have different dreams and and struggles.
You can’t compare your achievements to anyone else’s as your stories is different to other and your life’s canvas isn’t finished.

At the end of the day you are a great artists of your own stories so why not create a master piece.

Start creating your masterpiece here!

Important things in life!!!!!

There are many things in life that are far more important than how much money you have or the size of your investment portfolio..

Sure, money is important in those areas of life where money is important, but it’s not at all important in those areas where it is not important.

Family is one of the most important things to me and being able to spend the last 18 days with my daughter and husband as a family is more than enough, and you definitely can’t put a price on moments like these.

we are able to follow our dreams it is because of the system I follow.

Heres to love, freedom, family ❤️

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