We all have a destination, whether it would be Travel Destination or Destination/goals in life. To reach a destination there is a journey, every journey differs.

For example Travel destination could be a holiday destination, your journey would include

  1. Deciding a destination
  2. Saving Money towards that destination
  3. Making essential plans and booking
  4. reach the destination and enjoy your time there.

Whereas my destination is a goal to reach financial freedom, and the freedom to spend time with my family. So my journey would consist of

  1. making a decision to move abroad and start my entrepreneurial dreams starting a personal blogging page and affiliate Marketing
  2. Obtaining information and learning new skill set and surrounding myself with positive mindset people.
  3. Most importantly support from my family

    but I have to admit I hit several bumps on the road, that didn’t stop me though because I have learned that everything is my choice and the road to achieving my goals is in the grasps of my hands, you will fail but you will pick yourself back up again. From one of my favorite books ”Baumeister says that people who succeed don’t have more willpower than you; they just develop better daily routines and habits, which after a while become automatic and require less thought -less conscious energy.” Scott Page, Barefoot Investor the only money guide you’ll ever need.

So today think about your commitments and have the courage to stick with it through thick and thin regardless of what your journey may be and you’ll reach your destination.

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