We gave up our city life in Perth for a simple country life in Thailand to follow our dreams of simple life, financial freedom and most importantly spending time with family and teaching our Arihanna the ways of life in Thailand.

It turns out she quit enjoys her simple life and culture here.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon gardening in the heat even though it was already 4pm in the afternoon and she loves it.

Everyone’s life begins with a blank canvas and at some point in life you may have had blank canvas also (after a job loss, break ups, or family troubles.) as just a baby with no knowledge, passion, careers, hobbies and desires.

But your experience and choices over time will change you to who you are and have different dreams and and struggles.
You can’t compare your achievements to anyone else’s as your stories is different to other and your life’s canvas isn’t finished.

At the end of the day you are a great artists of your own stories so why not create a master piece.

Start creating your masterpiece here!

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